Rooms At can be accessed from any Internet connected computer in the World.
This fully hosted room and resource software is ready to use immediately with no need to install any software on the User's computer.
Increase efficiency by centralising your bookings for all rooms and resources with our easy to use system. Anyone with access to the system can see what is booked and what is available on any day.
Make Bookings by time-slot or period in the diary. If your day has set time periods Rooms At can accomodate these. Ideal for Schools, Offices, Sports Venues and Conference Facilities.


The software has been developed to work with both schools and commercial businesses in mind. So you can be sure that Rooms At meets any organisations booking requirements.
Import any exisiting timetable data into Rooms At and our system will allow rooms to be booked only when they are available.
Manage ICT Suites or Laptop Trolleys. Rooms At can be completely configured to deal with your particular buildings and the resources available with them.
Enable your people or public customers to book any areas, accessories but you will have control over departmental specific resources.


We provide a full training programme on how best to configure and use our software, so that it really is tailored to suit your organistation.
Rooms At runs on mainframe servers with a fully maintained backup programme, so there is no need for you to worry about loss of data.
Our support team are there to answer any queries you may have about how the system works and how best to use the software.
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